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Technical support is provided via electronic mail solely. If you don't find answer to your question in the FAQ section, contact us.

LangAgent is a Lastbit Software service. We have integrated support system for all our web sites. If you would like to send us your question, wishes or testimonials visit our support page.


Q: Should I pay royalties if I use LangAgent in my commercial software?
A: No, LangAgent is royalty-free. 

Q: Do you offer translation services?
A: Currently no.  But we can recommend you the following service: Alconost Translations Agency, http://www.alconost.com

Alconost Translations Agency, http://www.alconost.com - Language assistance for software development and marketing process. Includes professional translation of websites (directly in html-code), application resources, documentation, it-oriented articles, press-releases, news, correspondence. English, Italian, Spanish, German and Russian languages are available for now.

Note: We are not affiliated in any way with Alconost Translations Agency.

Q: Are there any restrictions for using the LSTR macro?
A: Yes. First, the source files scanner is very simple and does not allow you to use strings that span over two or more lines with the LSTR macro. So, the LSTR macro should be located on a single line. A line may contain the multiple LSTR macros. Second, avoid using ambiguous phrases in LSTR macros which can be translated in various ways. Keep in mind that some languages have declinations and conjugations. The endings of adjectives can depend on the gender of a noun.

Q: Is it possible to use formatting in the LSTR macros?
A: Yes. For example, str.Format(LSTR("%d items found"),nItems). Mind, that the translator must preserve all formatting symbols ('%').

Q: My question is not listed here...
A: Don't hesitate to contact us.


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